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WEBs-N4 Software

The WEBs Niagara Supervisor provides server-level functions for a network of WEB, Niagara Edge, and other field devices. These functions include centralized data logging/trending, archiving to external databases, alarming, dashboarding, system navigation, master scheduling, database management, and integration with other enterprise software applications through an XML interface (oBIX standard). Also, it provides a comprehensive graphical engineering toolset for application development. It enables the design, configuration, and maintenance of a unified, real-time controls network.

WEB-8000 Controller

The WEB-8000 is a compact, embedded Internet of Things (IoT)  controller and server platform for connecting multiple and diverse devices and sub-systems. With internet connectivity and web-serving capability, the WEB-8000 controller provides integrated control, supervision, data logging, alarming, scheduling, and network management. It streams data and rich graphical displays to a standard web browser via an Ethernet or wireless LAN, or remotely over the internet. In larger facilities, multibuilding applications, and large-scale control system integrations, WEBs-N4 Supervisor can be used with WEB-8000 controllers to aggregate information, including real-time data, history, and alarms, to create a single, unified application.

CIPer Controllers

Whether you need to manage a simple RTU or complex boiler and chiller rooms, the CIPer™ product family offers a variety of controllers and I/O modules to meet your needs. Supported by the Niagara 4 Framework® , these controllers support BACnet IP, and some support multiprotocols to manage all types of buildings across the building automation industry. From speed and power to expandability, there’s a CIPer controller with the right combination of benefits for your application.

CIPer Model 10

Honeywell CIPer Model 10 is an IP-based field equipment controller powered by the Niagara Framework®. CIPer Model 10 controllers drive applications, such as zone temperature control, and the operation of fan coil units, single-stage air handling units, water-source heat pumps, and more. CIPer Model 10 controllers run the full Niagara stack, with 10 points of on-board IO and IO-R-34 expansion capability.

CIPer Model 30

The Honeywell CIPer Model 30 is a compact, Internet Protocol (IP) edge controller for VAV, Unitary, and Plant applications. With its native Niagara N4 on-board programming platform, the CIPer controller provides internet connectivity, web-serving capability, integrated control, data logging, alarming, trending, and scheduling management. The controller can be used to aggregate information (including real-time data, alarms, trends, and history) and integrate this data to the Sentience Cloud for value-added data analytics.

CIPer Model 50

CIPer model 50 is a BACnet-compliant heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) building controller. It runs the WEBs-N4 framework, integrating all trades in a building. Thus, CIPer model 50 is the ideal solution for HVAC controls requiring combination with lighting, shading, access control, and security applications. It provides unparalleled energy efficiency through a vast HVAC Application Library. CIPer model 50 enables uniform graphical operation, control, data logging, alarming, scheduling, and network management functions for HVAC and non-HVAC applications. Through its integrated web server, it allows real-time access to all information through web-based graphical views. CIPer model 50 supports full remote engineering, including changes to the control program and the graphical user interface. This greatly supports reduction of life cycle and maintenance costs.