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Steam Trap Surveys

Maintaining high-quality steam to all steam users can greatly impact plant safety, reliability, productivity, and environmental targets impacting site financial success. Routine steam-trap testing and trap repairs are critical to keep steam systems operating at peak performance. Rawson’s Energy Management & Technology (EM&T) division has the technical expertise and tools required to provide accurate steam-trap evaluations and easily understood reports with information to manage the steam-trap population, while prioritizing repairs. 

All EM&T members are TLV TrapMan® factory-trained and certified and have 10+ years of steam-trap testing experience in a variety of applications. EM&T has a spotless safety record with zero incidents, accidents, or recordables. All members participate in background checks, TWIC, and random D&A testing programs. 

EM&T utilizes TLV’s TrapMan® testing device, which is the only device having third-party verification to ISO5841 and ASME PTC39-2005 for accuracy. Surveys can be conducted using customer-owned TM5NU® or EM&T-owned TM5NP®. Accuracy and trained, experienced survey crews result in reliable information on which to base maintenance response.

EM&T can provide other services, such as: in-house steam team-development training, steam-trap repair audits, steam-trap installation assistance, and process-gauge evaluations.

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Boiler & Burner Surveys

Boiler and burner maintenance is a critical component of plant safety, efficiency and uptime. Early identification of potential safety-system issues helps prevent costly mishaps and assists with continued approval and certification of the burner system by local authorities and insurance companies.

Rawson/Industrial Controls’ team of combustion specialists offers burner/boiler safety audits through which instrumentation, controls, and field components are identified, verified for application, and tested for proper function. Action plans are developed to bring the system into compliance.

Services included in these surveys are:

  • Review existing documentation and drawings.
  • Contrast state of existing equipment to the original design.
  • Perform safety-valve leak checks.
  • Perform dynamic safety test, including step-by-step testing of safety devices and interlocks.
  • Report on items that are not in compliance, no longer functional or obsolete.
  • Provide action plans for updating burner controls.

Additionally, Rawson/Industrial Controls offers burner-system migrations, upgrades, and energy-efficiency optimization.