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VFDs and Electrical

Better control while saving energy. VFDs do that for you.

Honeywell Process Solutions

Honeywell variable frequency drives (VFDs) maximize energy savings by modulating the speed of fans and pumps in HVAC systems. VFDs, sometimes called inverters, achieve these savings by operating in conjunction with a building automation system (BAS) or independently through its internal PID capabilities. Honeywell VFDs  are loaded with labor-saving features such as startup wizards, PC programming, and an intuitive graphical interface that allows for faster, more accurate commissioning. 

  • SmartVFD HVAC2
  • SmartVFD HVAC with Bypass and/or Disconnect
  • SmartVFD HVAC2

Easy-to-use and highly reliable, Siemens BT300 variable frequency drives reduce the cost of installation and maintenance while maximizing energy savings. The drive keypad features built-in wizards that get HVAC equipment up and running quickly and accurately. Anyone can safely and quickly commission the BT300 using default parameters that are optimized for typical HVAC applications.


  • BT300
  • BT300 C-Bypass
  • BT300 E-Bypass
  • BT300 VFD NEMA Type 3R Drive and Bypass
Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls variable speed drives are specifically engineered for use with HVAC fan and pump applications. We’ve designed every adjustable speed drive power unit to utilize the most sophisticated semiconductor technology available. With highly modular construction, our VSDs are easily adapted to fit your needs. Ours are the only VFDs in the industry to provide closed-loop control capabilities with Metasys and Facility Explorer digital field controllers. 

  • VFD FP Series II
  • Series II Micro Drives
  • Enclosed Variable Speed Drives VS3 Series III
  • Open VS Drives VS3 Series 3

Even in environmental extremes like high temperatures and rough conditions, your system needs to perform as efficiently as possible. Emerson’s motion and drive solutions are as durable as they are versatile and scalable, improving application performance and boosting productivity. Full integration with Emerson’s PACSystems controllers creates a simplified startup and programming process. Just turn the key and get more reliability and consistent performance in the toughest of environments.

  • PACMotion VFD