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Rawson/Industrial Controls can help all pressure measurement requirements. They have a long history of representing top-tier manufacturers for all types of pressure measurement, starting with pressure gauges for local indication and pressure switches and continuous output transmitters for absolute, gauge, differential, and multivariable pressure measurement. All transmitters are smart devices and come standard as HART devices and are also available with Foundation Fieldbus or Profibus. Rawson/Industrial Controls can provide all pressure devices with remote diaphragm seals if required.

Honeywell Process Solutions

Honeywell’s comprehensive portfolio of measurement and control products include standalone instruments, smart sensors, and integrated systems. These products, combined with software solutions and open interfaces for data access, enable users to better manage their plant assets and optimize their productivity. Its SmartLine pressure transmitters feature industry-leading performance, unique features that lower the total cost of ownership, and Smart Connection Suite for the best control system integration.

  • SMV800 SmartLine Multivariable Transmitter
  • STA700 SmartLine Absolute Pressure
  • STD700 SmartLine Differential Pressure
  • STF700 SmartLine Flange Mounted Level
  • STG700 SmartLine Gauge Pressure
  • STG73P SmartLine Flush Mount Gauge Pressure
  • STR700 SmartLine Remote Diaphragm Seals
  • STA800 SmartLine Absolute Pressure
  • STD800 SmartLine Differential Pressure
  • STF800 SmartLine Flange Mounted Level
  • STG800 SmartLine Gauge Pressure
  • STR800 SmartLine Remote Diaphragm Seals

Azbil (formerly Yamatake Honeywell) manufacturers a complete line of pressure transmitters that are “bilingual” with both HART and DE Protocol, along with magnetic flow meters and vortex flow meters.

  • AT9000 Advanced Transmitter

ABB is a worldwide supplier of HART/FF/Profibus pressure transmitters.

  • 266HSH
  • 266NSH

Ashcroft is one of the very first companies in the world to supply pressure sensing and indicating products, as well as the accessories used with them.   They set the standard for pressure gauges with a history that goes back 165 years with the development of one of the very first steam pressure gauges.  Their history has been defined by the development of innovative brands and trademarks that cast a global footprint throughout every industry and market.

  • 1259 Process Pressure Gauge
Ametek / U. S. Gauge

US Gauge is a premier pressure gauge supplier. They offer a complete line of gauges of all sizes and materials and options for liquid filling, seals, and high-temperature accessories.

  • Gauge Selection Guide
Parker PGI

Parker PGI offers a complete family of manifolds for pressure transmitters and pressure gauges. 

  • Process Control Manifolds