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Valve Automation

We bring together our parent company Relevant Industrial global valve experience, local valve specialists, and industry-application experts to help engineering companies and maintenance teams solve and prevent problems. Our deep experience in projects of all sizes, technically strong valve automation team, experienced valve-focused buyers, and relationships with valve manufacturers of all sizes, coupled with our metrics-driven warehouse, means we can provide the best solution and meet challenging schedules.

Valves are the most energy-consuming devices in the process loop. Our factory-trained sales engineers work directly with you to identify system requirements and size to  select the right valve and we provide any additional services, software, or training needed to ensure long-term results.

Customized Flow Control Solutions

Rawson/Industrial Controls has decades of experience in providing valve automation solutions to our customers. We have experience with products as simple as locking handles to products as complex as digital valve diagnostic and communication packages. Whether the valve is linear or rotary, on/off or control, Rawson/Industrial Controls has the products and expertise to ensure that the assembly meets your needs. We are also capable of providing pneumatic, hydraulic, electro-hydraulic, and electric actuation.

Our company has aligned itself with many of the largest and most innovative valve and actuator manufacturers in the world. These relationships allow Rawson/Industrial Controls to competently and competitively provide the valve/actuator/accessory packages that you require. Taking it one step further, Rawson/Industrial Controls is able to marry products we represent with those we don’t and, as a result, provide you with a complete, fully customized flow-control solution.

Whatever your application requirements, Rawson/Industrial Controls is ready to help.

Valve Solutions

  • Ball Valves
    • Soft seat
    • Metal seat
    • Double block & bleed
    • Severe service
    • Transmitter isolation
  • Butterfly valves
    • Resilient seated
    • Double offset
    • Triple offset
  • Controls valves
    • Linear
    • Rotary
    • Severe service
  • Gate, globe, & check
  • Exotic materials
  • Desuperheaters
  • Turbine bypass
  • Steam letdown
  • Combined technologies
  • Anti-cavitation & velocity control
  • Regulators
  • Blanketing
  • And more – just ask!

Actuator Solutions

  • Electric
    • Quarter turn
    • Multi-turn
    • Linear
  • Electrohydraulic
  • Pneumatic
    • Rack and pinion
    • Scotch yoke
    • Spring diaphragm
  • Speed requirement
  • Partial stroke testing
  • Manual gears
  • Declutchable overrides
  • Custom bracketry
  • Tandem applications

We also provide FM/CSA-approved assemblies for burner-management applications.

Valve Assembly Services

We have two major assembly centers located in Houston and Baton Rouge. These are utilized for the assembly of larger-size valves, standard-delivery orders, and project-type orders. Many of our other locations are capable of assembling products in order to meet the emergency requirements at the local plant level.

To learn more about our valve and valve automation solutions, click here to download our brochure

Valve Quote Group

Our virtual quote team was assembled to respond to any and all customer inquiries and quotes as fast and efficiently as possible. The
team provides ease of ordering by delivering fast customer attention, swift action, and access to product and application knowledge to ensure the best product offering specific to your individual needs. To request a quote, email valvesales@rawsonlp.com or complete our Quote Request form.