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Automation & SCADA Programming

Services Offered

Rawson/Industrial Controls  has been  supporting and implementing automation software solutions for over 30 years. Our application experience spans multiple industries, including water, power, transportation, food & beverage, and more.

Automation System and Network Design

 Rawson/Industrial Controls team of automation engineers can help customers plan for migrations, upgrades, and improvements to existing automation systems and network architectures. With a focus on cyber-secure network and communications, we help you plan to take advantage of the technologies available to improve efficiency and data analytics.

PLC Programming

Employing in-house resources and a wide network of partner organizations, Rawson/Industrial Controls helps customers solve their control system challenges. Rawson/Industrial Controls offers logic programming as well as HMI and SCADA development, supplementing our broad offerings of automation products to provide complete solutions.



HMI Programming

Precisely monitor, control, and visualize every aspect of your operations for intelligent control using high-performance HMI/SCADA technology. With a quick glance, operators know what’s important and the right actions to drive increased efficiency and reduced costs. Modern Historians change the way companies perform and compete by making data available for asset and process performance analysis.

Redundant Architectures

Rawson/Industrial Controls premier automation partners offer multiple layers of redundant architectures to promote maximum uptime of critical processes. From simple PLC redundancy to redundant SCADA and historian software implementations to fault-tolerant servers and network design, Rawson/Industrial Controls can help customers protect their most important processes.

Wireless Systems

Rawson/Industrial Controls offers a wide array of wireless application capabilities to help customers reduce installation costs, gather information that would otherwise be unattainable, and provide information to the appropriate personnel, anytime and anywhere. We offer point-to-point wireless I/O and communications, wireless instrumentation conforming to both ISA100 and WirelessHart. Cellular RTU communications is available to manage widespread remote operations.

Remote Access

With more people working remotely, establishing secure connection to plant resources for remote employees has become critically important. Rawson/Industrial Controls  can help provide cyber-secure remote access to IT and OT networks without the need to push your critical data through a cloud connection.


Through multiple software partners, Rawson/Industrial Controls offers customers the opportunity to manage process alarms. Alarm management allows operators to focus on only the most important alarms by shelving nuisance alarms for later attention. Remote alarming allows appropriate personnel to be notified and respond to alarms as they happen. Alarm-annunciation panels and controls offer visual indication of alarms with operator instruction for dealing with plant issues as they occur.


Data collection continues to be a growing trend throughout our customer base. Adding context to the data through reporting allows management to improve operations, provide financial context to plant operations, and submit required regulatory reports to the relevant agencies. Examples of reports offered are Clean in Place, Water Outflow, Production, Fuel Use, Emissions, and more.

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