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Rawson/Industrial Controls can help you with all of your requirements for temperature measurement. We can provide all of the components required, starting with thermowells, bimetal thermometers for local indication, all types of thermocouples, RTDs, and multipoint temperature elements. In addition to temperature elements, Rawson/Industrial Controls can also provide temperature switches and temperature transmitters. Our temperature transmitters are Smart Universal Transmitters available as head mount, field mount, or DIN rail units.

Burns Engineering

Burns Engineering is a leading supplier of all types of thermocouples, RTDs, and multipoint units, along with thermowells, as required.


  • Series 100 Thermocouples
  • Series 200 & 300 Thermocouples
JMS Southeast

JMS Southeast is a key supplier for all temperature elements, including all types of thermocouples, RTDs, and multipoint units, along with required thermowells. JMS offers 24-hour delivery through their “Swifty Sensor Service” program, with no extra charge for quick delivery.

  • JMS Ordering Catalog

Pyromation began operations in 1962 and is one of the leading manufacturers of thermocouples, RTDs, PT100s, and thermowells in North America. As an ISO 9001-registered company, Advanced Manufacturing Firm and Lean enterprise with an onsite NVLAP-Accredited Metrology Laboratory (Lab Code 200502-0), the Fort Wayne, Indiana-based operation’s team members are invested in providing the best solution for each customer’s application. 

  • Thermocouples
  • RTD’s
  • Thermowells
  • Transmitters
  • Connection Heads
  • Wire
  • Accessories

Ashcroft is a long-term partner that offers both bimetal thermometers and temperature switches, as well as accessories, such as thermowells, for a complete system. Contact your local office for assistance in solving all of your temperature needs.

  • CI Bimetal Thermometer
  • EI Bimetal Thermometer
  • EL Bimetal Thermometer
Honeywell Process Solutions

Honeywell’s SmartLine Multivariable Transmitters (SMV800) extend its proven smart technology to the simultaneous measurement of three separate process variables according to standard industry methods for air, gases, steam, and liquids.

  • SmartLine Temperature Brochure
  • STT650 SmartLine Temperature Transmitter
  • STT700 SmartLine Temperature Transmitter
  • STT750 SmartLine Temperature Transmitter
  • STT850 SmartLine Temperature Transmitter
  • STT85A SmartLine Temperature Transmitter

ABB offers a variety of temperature solutions, including individual temperature elements, temperature transmitters, and complete temperature assemblies. All temperature transmitters are universal input programmable HART transmitters and are also available with Foundation Fieldbus or Profibus output options. Transmitters are available as head mount, field mount, and DIN rail mount units. Head mount and field mount units are also available with dual inputs depending on the temperature element selected.

  • Temperature Measurement

Azbil offers both head mount and field mount temperature transmitters. Both of these units offer HART programmable universal inputs and can be used in all classified areas. Both types of units also offer dual inputs except for 4-wire RTDs.

  • ATT082 Advanced Temperature Transmitter

A critical component for any temperature installation is the thermowell. Parker/PGI offers a complete line of thermowells to meet your requirements. These thermowells are made to order for any type of process connection, any style and length, out of any material. We also have a special Thermosync thermowell for quick response for gas applications. Call us for help in solving your needs for installing your temperature element.

  • Texas Thermowells

Tel-Tru is one of our key suppliers for bimetal thermometers. We offer many different styles and sizes of high-quality thermometers as well as accessories, such as thermowells. We can also offer a seven-year warranty on most thermometers.

  • Bi-Metal Thermometers
Ametek / U. S. Gauge

US Gauge is a premier supplier for all of your pressure gauge needs. We offer a complete line of gauges of all sizes and materials and options for liquid filling, seals, and high-temperature accessories.

  • US Gauge Selection Guide