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Flow measurements are focused to ensure stability, repeatability, and efficiency on processes such as gas, liquid, and steam. Certain applications require unique certifications and/or specialized connections. These can include and are not limited to approvals for potable water, batching, wastewater, submersible, high temperature or high pressure, superheated steam, and ultra-high purity. With a vast offering of technologies, we can help select a compatible flow meter for your application.

McMenon Engineering

McMenon Engineering manufactures a complete offering of differential-pressure flow meters in all sizes and materials.

  • Orifice Plates
  • Wedge Meters
  • Venturi Meters
  • Averaging Pilot Tube
  • Flow Nozzles
UGSI Chemical Feed

UGSI Chemical Feed (formerly Wallace & Tiernan) is a premiere supplier of Variable Area Flow Meters.

  • Glass-Tube, Stainless-Frame Purge Meters
  • Arma-View® II Purge Meters
  • Armored Purge Meters
  • Armored Flowmeters
  • Glass-Tube Varea-Meter® Flowmeters
  • Metal-Tube Varea-Meter® Flowmeters
  • Series 5700 General Purpose Flow Controllers
  • Series 5750 and 5800 Purge Flow Controllers – High Pressure and Low Flow
  • Electronic Transmitters
  • External Flow Switchs

ABB is a worldwide supplier of flow products to meet your most demanding needs.

  • ProcessMaster FEP300
  • Vortex Meters
  • Swirl Meters
  • Coriolis Meters
  • DP Flow
  • Variable Area Meters

Azbil (formerly Yamatake Honeywell) manufactures a complete family of Magnetic Flow Meters and Vortex Meters.

  • Magnetic Flow Meters
  • Vortex Flow Meters
  • VorTek VorCone

FCI manufactures level and flow products.

  • ST50 Flow Meters
  • ST51 /ST51A Mass Flow Meters
  • ST80 Series Thermal Mass Flow Meters
  • FCI FLT93 ® Series FlexSwitch™
  • VORTAB® Flow Conditioners

FLOMEC is a leading global manufacturer for flowmeters in a variety of uses including water, gasoline, chemicals, dairy, engine oils, transmission fluids, and various industrial liquids. FLOMEC also designs and engineers its products and is part of one of the largest producers of non-municipal meters in the world and delivers higher performance, better quality and lower cost every day.

  • Turbine Flowmeters