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A1 Series (Commercial Grade Meters) WITH Q9 DISPLAY

FLOMEC® A1 Series Meters are designed as self-contained, battery-powered units. Select the A1 Series when you need an accurate, basic meter.

G2 Precision Turbine Meters

A full line of FLOMEC® G2 Series Precision Turbine Meters are available in a variety of housing materials. Rugged and dependable, the G2 Series offers:

TM Series Water Meters

FLOMEC® TM Series Water Meters are accurate, economical and designed to last. Choose TM Water Meters for water processing and irrigation applications:
  • Meets Schedule 80 PVC specifications
  • Standard low-profile display
  • Seven sizes with three fitting types available
  • Flowrates from 1 to 600 gallons per minute (3.8 to 2271 L/min)
  • The 3 and 4-inch versions of the TM Series meter come standard with NSF61 certification for applications where potable water regulations must be met. NSF certification provides you with the knowledge that the TM meters are produced with approved products and materials for the health and safety of anyone who might come in contact with the water from your system.
  • 4-20mA Output Module available
  • Pulse Access / External Power / Scaled Pulse Output Module available