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Model DC Series

3M™ DC series filter housings, constructed of durable 304L stainless steel, meet general purpose industrial and commercial filtration needs. All wetted welded surfaces are stainless steel. External surfaces of these filter housings are electropolished for a consistent, easy-care finish. The filter housings are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate from 4 to 88 filter cartridges (single length equivalents) with lengths to 40 inches (see Ordering Guide). The housing handles liquids at pressures and temperatures of up to 150 psig (10.3 bar) at 250°F (121°C).

Model BHN Series

BHN bag housings, for use with #1 and #2 size conventional bag filters or 3M™ DF series elements, are available in single-round configurations. The 3M™ series filter housings are constructed from stainless-steel materials, which include a stainless-steel support basket and a hold-down device for proper seating of the filter. 3M BHN series bag housings are rated for operation up to 150 psi @ 250 ºF (10.4 bar @121.1 ºC)

Model BH Series

3M™ BH Series housings, for use with conventional bag filters or 3M DF Series filter elements, are available in single-filter element configurations for either #1 or #2 filter sizes. The BH Series housings, offered in either side (Model 1BHS) or top-entry (Model 1BST) flow paths, are constructed with carbon steel or 316L stainless steel. The BH Series also offers a choice of either flange (Model 1BHT) or NPT (Model 1BHS) inlet and outlet connections.

Model ES Series

Series ES industrial housings are high-quality ASME Code-design housings available with various cartridge diaphragms to accommodate double open-end (DOE), single open-end (SOE), and Zeta Plus™ style filter cartridges. The filter housing, with outside diameters from 8 to 36 inches, can contain from 3 to 120 DOE or SOE cartridges of various heights, or up to 12 Zeta Plus cartridges, depending on the diaphragm chosen. The vessel includes ASME Code stamp and National Board certification to assure the customer that all materials and fabrication procedures meet the most stringent requirements. The standard housing is offered with 150 or 300 psi designs and can be easily configured for specific system requirements. Options such as outlet and cover lifting device location (not available on model ES08), radiography, and surface finish can be added onto the base model to create one of the most versatile filter vessels in the industry.

Model CT Series

The 3M CT models offer you a choice in construction materials for wetted surfaces and are available with a 316 stainless-steel head with 304 stainless-steel sump or in all-316 stainless steel in one-high (CT101), two-high (CT102), or three-high (CT103) designs.

Model High Flow

3M High Flow series filter housings are available in a variety of standard sizes to accommodate from 1 to 19 3M High Flow filter cartridges in 10-inch, 40-inch, and 60-inch lengths. Other High Flow housing sizes and configurations are also available upon request.