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Technical Services

We bring global experience, local specialists, and industry-application experts together to help engineering and maintenance teams solve and prevent problems. Our deep experience in projects of all sizes, technically strong teams, experienced buyers, and relationships with key manufacturers coupled with our metrics-driven warehouse mean we can provide the best solutions and meet challenging schedules. Rawson/Industrial Controls offers key technical experts for specific applications, including:

Custom Valve Configurations

Our valve technicians provide some of the best valve automation knowledge in the industry. We provide standard and custom valve configurations along with complete documentation of engineering drawings for assemblies. Our customers receive full package of:
  • Control valve
  • Actuator
  • Instruments

Instrumentation Service

We offer product modification/customization, such as calibration, assemblies, diaphragm seals, and liquid filling of gauges, as well as NIST-traceable certifications for pressure and temperature. In addition to quality, utilizing our instrument services leads to improved delivery times, more efficient inventory management, and less inventory shrinkage.

Process Controls

Our experience and  product selection enables us to provide several control solutions that help customers solve their difficult process-control problems. We work alongside our customers to:

  • Improve product quality
  • Increase production output
  • Reduce product variability
  • Decrease cycle times
  • Lower unit costs
  • Improve and optimize plant-asset management
  • Comply with safety and environmental regulations


Our goal is to provide you with a quality-driven focus for continuous improvement while identifying the root causes of operational instability. Our team can provide control solutions on a turnkey basis or can assist you as you implement these solutions.

SCADA Programming & Automation

We offer standard and custom configurations and specify solutions with the right software, controllers, and all interfaces. You’ll  receive a complete solution that is designed, assembled, tested, and ready for installation.

Project Handling

Rawson/Industrial Controls has a well-established project management organization that can fully support the total complexity of a large industrial project, in all the different stages of the process, including specialized document-handling systems, co-engineering, FAT, etc. Our project experience enables us to manage your project down to the smallest details.

Steam Trap Surveys

Our factory-trained technicians provide detailed testing of every trap on site using state-of-the-art equipment. We provide you with a detailed schedule of all traps needing service or replacement, along with documented energy-cost reductions.