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Inventory & Materials Management

At Rawson/Industrial Controls we strive to have the products that you need when you want them. Our dedicated quote and order teams were assembled to respond to all customer inquiries and quotes as fast and efficiently as possible. The team provides ease of ordering by delivery fast customer attention, swift action, and access to product and application knowledge to ensure the best product offering specific to your individual needs.

More than 80% of  our quotes are turned around in one-day;  the other quotes are more customized requests.

RICD-Inventory-Materials Management

When the order is placed, our team executes and delivers the item on-time and in-full through our sophisticated follow-up process of proactive order status reporting and expediting. This process ensures that our reliable product deliveries meet our buyer’s schedule and order-cycle time requirements.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

We also offer stocking programs for reccurring orders. Our vendor-managed inventory (VMI) program helps you replenish your minimums and maximums through bin management. Managing onsite inventory and serving as a purchasing group for our customers ensures materials are delivered according to date and order-cycle requirements.

Bag and Tag

We provide the components necessary for your installation needs. This capability assures our customers that their systems will be of the highest integrity. We will prepackage components (bag & tag) and precalibrate instruments to provide you reduced installation time. 

Rawson/Industrial Controls is also capable of delivering already-assembled components to reduce installation time and risk. 

Our customer benefits by having lower inventory costs and more efficient inventory management. 

Our Digital Capabilities
  • We also offer digital capabilities to help you manage your supply, including:
  • Electronic data interchange (EDI) which is structured transmission of data between Rawson/Industrial Controls and our customers by electronic means. The benefits of being an EDI trading partner include:
    • A quick and inexpensive way to transfer electronic documents or business data.
    • A process where no manual processing or human intervention is required.
      o Increased process efficiencies.
    • A reduction in data entry-related errors.
    • A dedicated EDI team that is ready and waiting.
  • Our digital punchout capabilities allow you to buy products within your own system from an e-catalog to automatically build a purchase order.
  • ePDF orders – Ensures repeat-order accuracy and offers faster order-fulfillment rates.

To get started with one of our digital offerings, contact your Rawson/Industrial Controls Account Manager.