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Hydramotor® Actuators

The AH2E Hydramotors are push-type, self-contained, electrohydraulic linear actuators which extend when powered and retract by spring force upon power interruption. AH2E Hydramotors provide a fast spring-return shutoff time of one second or less. When the actuator is mounted to
a V710 gas valve, position indicators on both sides of the actuator show the open or closed position of the valve. The AH2E Hydramotor/V710 gas valve combination provides main line gas control for a wide range of applications, including boilers, furnaces, ovens, and all types of industrial and commercial burners. It is available in either a slow- or fast-opening construction.

K3A4-Gas-Shutoff Valves

  • Two-way normally closed operation
  • Die-cast aluminum bodies
  • For positive shutoff on pilot or main gas lines of
    commercial and industrial gas burners
  • Valves provided with 1/8″ NPT upstream and
    downstream pipe tap with plug for routine testing
  • Suitable for ambient temperatures up to 175˚F

2/2 Series K3A5 High- Pressure Direct- Acting Gas- Shutoff Valves

ASCO 2/2 Series K3A5 High Pressure Direct Acting Gas Shutoff Valve, 110-120V 50-60Hz, two-way, normally closed, aluminum body, 1FPT x 1in orifice, 14.0 Cv, Buna-N, 1.5psid max@77 F gas, 16.7W, coil class N, 755,000 Btu/hr, UL/CSA Shutoff. No rebuild kit.

2/2 Series K3A6 Low- Pressure Pilot- Operated Gas- Shutoff Valves

ASCO 2/2 Series K3A6 Low Pressure Pilot Operated Gas Shutoff Valve, 120V 60Hz, two-way, normally closed, Alum body, 1-1/4FPT x 1-3/4in orifice, 23.0 Cv, Buna-N, 5psid max@77 F gas, 20W, coil class F, 1,292,000 Btu/hr, UL/CSA Shutoff. No rebuild kit.

Series S261 Gas Shut Off Valves

The ASCO Series S261 is a line of solenoid valves designed for on-off control of fuel gas in commercial and industrial gas burners. The pilot-operated valves have die-cast aluminum bodies; are designed for two-way, normally closed operation; and have high-pressure capabilities.

Series SV311 Gas Shutoff Valve

The ASCO Series SV311 are highly reliable gas-safety shutoff valves for control of commercial and industrial gas burners found in generators, heating equipment, and ovens. The valves are designed with two-way, normally closed operation and have direct lift with resilient soft seating for tight shutoff.

V710(B) Valve Body

These two-way, normally closed valve bodies are designed for on/off control of commercial or industrial gas burners. The V710(B) is designed exclusively for use with the AH(E) Hydramotor® actuator. The AH(E) Hydramotor valve consists of two assemblies: the V710(B) valve body
and the AH(E) Hydramotor actuator. The V710(B) is a push-to-open valve which opens when the valve stem is depressed by an AH(E) Hydramotor.
An internal return spring closes the valve when the Hydramotor actuator is de-energized. Optional flange adapters are available for ease of installation and service. These valves are provided with upstream and downstream pipe taps with plugs for routine testing.