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Basket Strainers and Separators

Strainers are simple, economical, and trouble-free options for precourse filtration. Rugged basket strainers come in simplex and duplex configurations –simplex or large-capacity flow applications that can be shut down for cleaning and duplex for critical applications that can’t be shut down. These come in a variety of sizes to match the flow requirements.


Eaton Filtration, LLC manufactures and supplies pipeline strainers, bag filtration systems, and gas/liquid separators for industrial and commercial customers. It offers single- and multibag filter housings, and filter bags; automatic self-cleaning strainers; as well as manual, duplex, simplex, and Y strainers. The company’s products are used in turbine and piping equipment applications. It serves general industrial, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, power utilities, marine, and water markets. The company was formerly known as Hayward Filtration, LLC and changed its name to Eaton Filtration, LLC in September 2005. Eaton Filtration is headquartered in Iselin, New Jersey. 

  • Model 50 5-8 inch
  • Model 52 10-18 inch
  • Model 53 BTX up to 4 inches
  • Model 72
  • Model 85 Y-Strainer
  • Model 510
  • Model 570 Multi-Basket 8-24 inch
  • Model 72L Tefzel Plastic Lined
  • Model 72SJ Steam Jacketed
  • Model 90 1-48 inch
  • Model 91 T Type 2-48 inch
  • Model 92 Temporary Pipeline Strainer
  • Model 950B Duplex Offset Strainer Bolted Cover (BC) 2-24 inch
  • Model 950B Duplex Offset Strainer Quick Opening Cover (QOC) 2-24 inch