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Standard Filter Bag Types

Standard filter bags are typically manufactured with a metal ring, either galvanized carbon steel or stainless steel, sewn in the top of the filter bag. Woven fabric handles are also sewn. Another design incorporates a molded plastic top. These tops typically are polypropylene or polyester with molded lifting handles. Various types of tops are available to fit specific manufacturers’ housings.

Graded Density Fat Bags

Rosedale’s Graded Density (GD) Fat Bags® have approximately four times the dirt-holding capacity of standard bags at equivalent filtration levels. These depth filter bags have nine layers of material, each with 4.4 sq. ft. of surface area. GD bags are easier to install and remove, require less room in storage and disposal, and prevent the contaminant wash-off downstream associated with cartridges.

X-TEND Filter Bags

Rosedale offers the X-TEND filter bag as a balance between increased efficiency and capacity versus cost. It offers about twice the surface area of a standard bag. The integral hard plastic collar makes installation and disposal easier, as there is no metal to worry about. These bags do require the use of a special cone basket. It supports the inner layer, ensuring the full surface area is utilized, maintaining optimum filtration.

X-TEND bags are excellent for prefilter and depth filter applications. If you’re looking for the ideal prefilter or depth filter bag, try an X-TEND filter bag.

Beta Rated Bags

After years of supplying filter bag products to the process industries, Rosedale has developed a new micron filter bag (filter sock) that meets even more exacting requirements, extending their use to finer process filtration and to hydraulic and lubricating fluid filtration. Rosedale Beta Bag® micron filter bags are made of a unique multilayer polyester felt, encased in spun-bonded polyester to prevent possible migration of bag material into the fluid stream. They’re rated by the multi-pass method of filter performance evaluation, so that direct comparison can be made between Beta Bag® sock filters and cartridges of rigid construction using cellulose or synthetic elements, pleated or non-pleated.

High-Efficiency Filter Bags

Our HI-E series of filter bags meets the most stringent needs for fine-process, hydraulic fluid, and lubricant filtration. All are made of unique microfiber materials, designed to increase the efficiency and dirt-holding capacities.

OA & OS Series Filter Bags

Our OA polypropylene bag is ideal for removing trace oil and grease from an industrial stream of aqueous-based fluids. The OS bag is used for many oil (hydrocarbon) adsorption applications. This multi-layer bag is made of polypropylene media with Rosedale’s proprietary polymer media layers for up to 10 times the hydrocarbon adsorption. The OS series is capable of removing free and dispersed oils as well as oil emulsions.