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Rosedale Filter Products

Stainless Steel Filters

Overcome the temperature and compatibility limitations of fabric and synthetic-fiber cartridges by replacing them with these stainless-steel wire-cloth elements. They’re good up to 500ºF  and are unaffected by most caustic fluids.

Wound Filters

Rosedale continuous-wound cartridge elements come in a wide range of materials, lengths, and micron retention ratings. A highly innovative single-core design is used, eliminating the “joints” common in other manufacturers’ elements at 10″ intervals. Materials of these elements include cotton, nylon, glass, and polypropylene. Their lengths range from 9-3/4 inches to 40 inches, fitting most cartridge housings in the field. Micron retention ratings are from 200 down to 0.5 microns. These elements offer true depth filtration, higher efficiency, lower pressure-drop, and greater solids-holding capacity than standard water filtration elements at competitive prices.

Platinum Series Bag-Sized Absolute-Rated Filters

These absolute-rated filter cartridges offer maximum dirt-holding capacity coupled with micron retention ratings to 0.5 at 99.98% efficiency. These elements are manufactured in a unique “Y” pleat arrangement that optimizes its physical size and maximizes effective surface area. A low-fluid flux rate maximizes dirt containment. This means element life is extended and productivity is increased, resulting in fewer cartridge change-outs, less labor, and lower replacement costs.