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Reporting & Alarming

We offer reporting solutions from a variety of data sources, including directly from PLCs and other equipment, historical data in industrial historians, and databases to produce key performance indicators, summary values, and trends.


SyTech delivers some of the best reporting software and analytic solutions for process automation and industry.  XLReporter offers unparalleled access to over 70 leading industrial data sources, including standards such as ODBC, OLE DB, OPC DA, OPC HDA, and OPC UA, providing fast and flexible, cost-effective solutions and rapid time-to-value.

  • XLReporter

WIN-911 developed the first dedicated industrial alarm notification software in 1970. Today, the company’s flagship standard interactive advanced platform protects 17,000 facilities worldwide, ranging from water treatment plants to food processing facilities. WIN-911’s success is derived from its commitment to supporting an ever-broadening base of customers and partners as standards, protocols, and technologies evolve.

  • Alarm Notification Platform