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JNC Filter

JNC General Brochure

JNC Filter innovations with bicomponent fiber-fused matrix rigid technology ensure consistent performance throughout filter life without particle unloading, media channeling, fiber release, or media compression under differential pressure. These and other media innovations are also developed in many JNC pleated,  activated carbon and other innovative products.

Cleal BM Filter

The polypropylene bicomponent fiber matrix developed and patented by JNC presents the high degree of fiber-to-fiber thermally bonded construction while the fiber diameters utilized are progressively finer from the outside to the inside. Accordingly, a stabilized pore structure is formed, and an ideal fiber porosity gradient is provided.

Cleal CP Filter

This bicomponent fiber construction manufactured filter has advanced JNC  fibers with a lower melting point outer sheath to create three-dimensional bonding wherever the fibers touch, without the distortion, high-web density, and pore collapse that typically occurs with highly fused, fine unicomponent fibers. The porous structure is maintained by the more rigid inner fibers which do not melt during the nodal fusion process, producing a highly porous and rigid structure for reliability and consistency.

Cleal CP2 Filter

Composed of thermally bonded, special bicomponent polypropylene fibers developed by JNC, this filter provides rigid, dimensionally stable construction and excellent chemical resistance.

Cleal CPH Filter

Using bicomponent fibers with an inner core of high-density polyester and an outer sheath of lower-density polyester produces a fused structure that delivers the performance benefits of the CP FILTER with the advantages that polyester construction offers.

Quick-Pack Filter Systems

JNC Filter QUICK-PACK is an innovative, enclosed, safe, economical, environmentally friendly and easy-to-use filtration system with dedicated existing or new filter housings. It can transform working environments, such as paint, resin, ink, or chemical factories, by reducing or eliminating spillage, protecting the product, protecting employees, and improving safety and environmental standards. Used in dedicated housings which are connected to pipework and ports with flexible hoses.