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Panel-Mounted Controllers & Programmers

Control of the process is key to all applications. Loop controls, limits, and programmers can be an integral part of a standalone system.

Honeywell Process Solutions
Honeywell offers a variety of industrial controllers and programmers to accurately and reliably control process temperatures and variables in a wide range of applications
  • Controllers, Indicators and Set-Point Programmers
  • DCP250 Controller
  • UDC1200 Universal Digital Controller
  • UDC1700 Universal Digital Controller
  • UDC2500 Universal Digital Controller
  • UDC3200 Universal Digital Controller
  • UDC3500 Universal Digital Controller

Eurotherm, Division of Schneider Electric, is world leader in process controls and data recording serving a wide variety of markets and industries. 

Eurotherm specializes in:
  • Highly accurate temperature measurement and control
  • Single devices for control and recording
  • Efficient electronic power controls for heating

ABB offers a variety of temperature solutions, including individual temperature elements, temperature transmitters, and complete temperature assemblies. All temperature transmitters are Universal Input programmable HART transmitters and are also available with Foundation Fieldbus or Profibus output options. Transmitters are available as head-mount, field-mount, and DIN rail-mount units. Head-mount and field-mount units are also available with dual inputs, depending on the temperature element selected.

  • Panel Indicators
  • DIN Controllers
  • Field Mount Controller
Precision Digital Corporation

Established in 1974, Precision Digital Corporation is a manufacturer of a comprehensive line of digital display and control instrumentation utilized primarily in industrial processes worldwide. The corporate office is located in Hopkinton, Massachusetts,  where they design and manufacture products to exacting standards.

  • NOVA PD540 Series
Future Design Controls

FDC offers a broad range of standard and custom OEM temperature and process- control, recording, and operator-interface products for industrial, medical, wood kiln drying equipment, and scientific machinery and equipment.

  • C-Series Process & Temperature Controller
  • FDC-L41 Limit Control
  • MCT4 Multi-Loop Controller

Azbil offers both head-mount and field-mount temperature transmitters. Both of these units offer HART-programmable universal inputs and can be used in all classified areas. Both types of units also offer dual inputs except for four-wire RTDs.

  • DCP31 Digital Control Programmer
  • DCP32 Digital Control Programmer
  • DCP 551 Mark II Digital Control Programmer
  • DCP 552 Mark II Digital Control Programmer