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UGSI Chemical Feed

Glass-Tube, Stainless-Frame Purge Meters

These glass-tube meters have a rugged stainless-steel frame, available in 1½- inch and 3-inch scale lengths, and use a high-stability float for accurate, repeatable performance. Meters can be supplied with flow controllers and plastic bezels for flush mounting (not available with 1½-inch scale purge meter).

Arma-View® II Purge Meters

Purge meters for low-flow, high-temperature and high-pressure applications are available with optional 4-20mA transmitter and flow controller. An optional FM-approved hazardous location 4-20mA transmitter provides remote indication of flow rate. An optional purge-type flow controller keeps flow constant
regardless of pressure variations. It is offered in 316 stainless-steel construction, for inlet and outlet configurations. It can be assembled to the meter or as a standalone in the process line.

Armored Purge Meters

This armored purge meter operates over a 10:1 range. Scales are 1¼ inches long. The ½-inch meter has a GPH or SCFH scale; the ¾-inch meter has a GPM or SCFM scale. Each also has a percent scale. Construction of meter body is 316 stainless steel with Buna-N and TFE. Heavy-duty stainless-steel construction ensures proper operation to 100 bar (1500 psi) and 400°F. At no time is the glass scale tube exposed to the process fluid. A stainless-steel sheath encloses the O-ring-sealed glass tube. Flow switch available.

Armored Flowmeters

This inexpensive, 5% accuracy flowmeter gives reliable flow indication of aggressive fluids at high temperatures and pressures (see Capacity Chart for pressure and temperature limits). Available options include a 4-20mA output flow signal and high/low alarm switch. Meter sizes
(pipe connections) are ½-, 1-, 1½-, and 2- inches with capacities to 492 Ipm (130 gpm) water and 250 sccm (150 scfm) air at STP. Operating range is 10:1. Mounting is vertical in line with NPT female connections. All wetted parts are stainless steel (except polypropylene
float); Buna-N, Viton® or EPR O-rings. The float has an encapsulated alnico magnet.

Glass-Tube Varea-Meter® Flowmeters

These rotameters have a wide range of capacities and tube sizes. Metering accuracy is 2% of full scale over a 10:1 range (see Capacity Chart for pressure and temperature limits). Beaded-guide tubes are available with 5- or 10-inch scales. End fittings for vertical and horizontal connections come in NPT sizes. Choice of wetted parts materials, such as 316 stainless, Kynar®, Buna-N, and Viton®, gives a good balance between cost and maximum corrosion resistance.

Series 5700 General Purpose Flow Controllers

Series 5700 general purpose flow controllers are ideally suited for use on armored purge meters, armored flow meters, and glass-tube Varea-Meter® units or as a stand-alone controller with other meter types.

Series 5750 and 5800 Purge Flow Controllers - High Pressure and Low Flow

Series 5700 General Purpose flow controllers are ideally suited for use on Armored Purge Meters, Armored Flow Meters, and Glass Tube Varea-Meter® units or as a stand-alone controller with other meter types.

Electronic Transmitters

The Varea-Com™ transmitter provides linear 4-20 mA signal proportional to flow rate. The gasketed cast-aluminum case is compact, and rated NEMA® 4, and FM approved for use in hazardous areas. The transmitter is a smart, microprocessor-based, two-wire, low-power unit. Its patented sensor with microprocessor-controlled gain is capable of filling flow correction needs at the meter, providing accurate flow information remotely to external support systems. The patented magnetic sensor with automatic gain control enables a high dynamic-capture range without sacrificing accuracy.

External Flow Switches

This optional compact switch gives reliable high- and/or low-flow switching. It contains a powerful rotating magnet that responds linearly to float position. Its switches are long-life, hermetically sealed reed types. Almost frictionless rotation of the switch magnet and its powerful bond with the float magnet give a dependable magnetic coupling. Even under sudden flow surges, switching remains reliable. Switches can be set to open or close on increasing or decreasing flow. The flow switch is available as Series 5600, general purpose unit in a NEMA® 4X enclosure and Series 5500, UL® listed for hazardous locations.