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MagneW 3000 PLUS Smart Electromagnetic Flowmeters

The MagneW 3000 PLUS electromagnetic flowmeter detector is a high-performance, highly reliable flowmeter developed with Yamatake’s proven MagneW 3000 flow measurement technologies. Model MGG18 (watertight model) and model MGG19 (submersible model) offer superior process flowrate measurement and couple with a wide range of MagneW 3000 PLUS converters.

Vortex Flow Meters

Azbil offers flanged vortex meters up to 12″-line size, wafer-style units up to 4″-line size, and an insertion meter for larger pipe sizes. All meters are HART units and can offer temperature and pressure inputs for a mass output in addition to the volumetric flow rate.

VorTek VorCone

The Azbil VorTek VorCone combines DP (Cone) measurement with vortex measurement. This combination give a predicted fluid density giving mass flow without fluid density information in addition to volumetric flow output. These units are available from 2″ line size to 12″ line size.