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High-Flow Filter Systems

The 3M™ High-Flow filter system is designed to accommodate flow rates of up to 500 gallons per minute (gpm) in a single 60” length filter cartridge. The result? Fewer filter elements to maintain your process flow requirements. In fact, 3M High-Flow filter systems require as few as one-tenth the number of elements as conventional 2.5” outer diameter (OD) filter cartridges.

Micro Klean RT Filters

Micro-Klean™ RT series filters, manufactured using 3M Purification’s rigid extrusion-bonded technology, are all-polypropylene depth filter cartridges offering premium features, including:  
  • Consistent particle reduction efficiencies throughout the filter’s life
  • Increased surface area for extended filter life
  • Low initial pressure drop for enhanced flow
  • High particle reduction efficiencies at high flow rates (flux)

DF Series Filter Systems

The 3M™ DF series filter system is a proven alternative to conventional bag filters. Developed using 3M Separation and Purification Sciences Division’s extensive depth-filtration experience, the 3M DF series filter features a true graded-porosity media structure.