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Policies & Procedures

The documentation, policies, procedures, and manuals used in a safety program need to be clear, concise, and up to date. We continually strive to adhere to this process.

  • Safety Manual for all Relevant business units – Relevant Solutions has established a safety manual that meets the requirements and needs of all facilities in the company. This provides a working foundation for safety at all facilities.
  • Up to date Safety Policies and Procedures – Policies and procedures are meticulously maintained and updated as needed. Regular training is also provided to keep our employees informed and safe.
  • Applying safe work practices – By applying safe work practices, we provide our employees a safe and healthy workplace. Some of the practices we follow are:
    • Utilize the correct tools for a job task
    • Proper ergonomics in the workplace
    • Proper lifting techniques
    • Proper PPE for the Job