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The RSTi-EP remote I/O system is well-suited for industrial internet-enabled applications. It features an extended operating temperature range, enhanced diagnostics, plug-and-play connectivity, and high channel density – all designed to simplify machine design and maintenance.

  • PROFINET RT, Profibus/Ethernet IP/Modbus TCP-IP, EtherCAT interfaces
  • Hot-swappable with advanced diagnostics
  • Supports PROFINET system redundancy
  • Best in class I/O density
  • Up to 64 I/O modules per node (takes up half the space of traditional systems)
  • High-density analog and digital modules
  • Special-function modules including high-speed counter, frequency, SSI encoder, PWM output, serial communications
  • SIL 3-compliant safety module

RX3i Profinet Scanner

RX3i Profinet Scanner – connect a remote universal RX3i I/O rack of Series 90-30 or RX3i modules to a PROFINET I/O Controller.

  • Profinet RT, Profibus/Ethernet IP/Modbus TCP-IP, EtherCAT Interfaces
  • Direct Fiber Interface directly to the remote I/O Rack
  • Up to 16 Slot racks can be a single node
  • Advanced Sequence of Events recording version available with IRIG-B time synchronization

RX3i CEP Single-Slot RX3i I/O Carrier

The RX3i CEP Carrier, a single-slot RX3i carrier with integrated PROFINET network interface and redundant 24 VDC power supply inputs, is the latest one-slot (expandable to two) expansion module from Emerson. It offers use of existing, advanced RX3i or Series 90-30 I/O in a small footprint, with superior availability for maximum uptime, and maximum flexibility to reduce operating costs.


VersaMax Remote I/O

The wide variety of modules available in the VersaMax PLC are also available for many demanding remote I/O applications

  • Profinet Scanner I/O support with direct copper or multi-mode fiber interface, redundant power supplies, hot swappable I/O
  • Profinet, Ethernet Global Data (EGD) and Genius I/O Interfaces
  • System Redundancy Support

PAC8000 I/O and Profinet Scanner

The PAC8000 line of I/O is able to withstand the harshest environments. Features include high temperature, corrosion (G3), and vibration. The PAC8000 Profinet Scanner is available in either copper or direct muli-mode fiber interfaces.

CMX (Control Memory Exchange)

High speed reflective memory network of up to 256 controller nodes at 2.1 Gbps.

  • Multi-mode and Single-mode fiber support up to 10 km separation
  • Applications include runways, bridges, tunnels, large campuses
  • Data Exchange and Redundancy applications