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Operator Interface & Visualization

Today’s HMI solutions go way beyond simple push button and pilot light replacement. The ability to communicate to dozens of different devices from different vendors opens up options previously reserved for plantwide HMI/SCADA systems. Advanced features like scripting, control, and database connectivity are combined with the latest in multi-touch interfaces to give you the most flexible interface options available today.


Tap into better data visualization.  Industrial operators must access data quickly to make business-critical decisions in industrial environments. Emerson’s human machine interfaces (HMIs) combine the ease of use found in consumer-grade products with the performance requirements needed for tough settings. Find an HMI solution for any business need with intuitive interfaces for control and customization.

  • QuickPanel+ Operator Interface
Red Lion Controls

From HMIs and panel meters to large LED displays and visual management solutions, Red Lion provides industry-leading equipment for integrating monitoring and control functionality into systems and processes.

  • CR1000/CR3000 Series HMI