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Crest Water Solutions

Sand Filters

We can offer sand filtration systems that are customized to your specific application. These are an economical solution for higher flows and 25-80 micron removal rates.

Multimedia Filters

When one component isn’t enough, we engineer a multimedia filter solution that ensures your water exceeds expectations. With the correct media grades and loading, we can produce <1 micron removal, making this the best option for pretreatment of reverse-osmosis water and high-purity systems.

Activated Carbon Filters

Granular activated carbon is highly versatile when it comes to water treatment. From color to chlorine, to chloramine, PFAS PFOS & PFOA removal, we can manufacture the right system with the correct carbon to meet your specific contamination issue. Already have a PFAS plan? We can build any size ASME code or non-code vessel to meet your needs.

Cooling Tower Filters

We customize the design and installation of your cooling-tower water-treatment systems to meet the specific quality of water you need to reduce operating costs and harmful Legionella and other bacteria that can grow in dirty cooling water. Our basin sweeping system agitates the basin and sump water while turning the volume over four to six times per day.  More efficient and cost-effective than traditional side-stream systems, this system dramatically increases the return on your investment, reducing chemical use and maintenance shut downs for basin cleaning, and costly pump repairs or replacements.