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Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)

Industrial RTUs offer a secure and reliable method of remotely monitoring deployed assets that utilize cellular carrier networks. Ideal for harsh environments, RTUs are ideal for connecting to Modbus or DNP3 devices, such as SCADA servers, PLCs, remote I/O, and other automation equipment.

Red Lion Controls

Red Lion offers a broad range of cellular M2M RTUs and routers that feature standards-based, enterprise-class functionality to enable secure, reliable cellular data access – anywhere, anytime. These rugged industrial solutions provide the ability to remotely monitor sites across a range of applications.

  • RAM® 9000 Cellular RTU
  • RAM® 6000 Cellular RTU
Honeywell Process Solutions

With Honeywell’s ControlEdge RTU process controller, you will have an edge into realizing the best utilization of your distributed assets through efficient remote monitoring, diagnostic, and asset management capabilities.  The RTU is designed to withstand harsh environments and deploy easily at remote sites. It also allows remote maintenance, thereby reducing the need to travel to the field. 


  • ControlEdge RTU