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Networking & Communications

Ethernet switches designed for plant process areas must work in harsh environments subject to temperature extremes, humidity, and vibration. By replacing proprietary networks with an Ethernet LAN and PACSystems Ethernet switches, you can improve network reliability and simplify deployment.


Get the most celebrated, awarded, and long-standing controllers available. Emerson’s PACSystems tackle demanding industrial applications with deterministic control solutions that are scalable, open, and interoperable at the same time. Their unique approach optimizes control of your system and simultaneously enables analytics and machine learning at the edge. Improve on industrial processes and elevate your overall performance without sacrificing uptime, security, or connectivity.

  • PACSystemsTM Industrial Ethernet Switches
Red Lion Controls

Red Lion’s industrial controllers, powered by Crimson®, communicate with virtually anything in your system, provide data logging with cryptographic signature support, and offer advanced web serving and data visualization for a wide variety of applications.

  • N-Tron® Series Industrial Ethernet Switches
  • Flexedge™ Advanced Protocol Converter
  • DA10D/DA30D Protocol Conversion
  • Data Station Plus (DSP)