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Cartridge Filtration

There are several different types of process cartridges. Wound, pleated, melt-blown, and resin-bonded are just a few of the many varieties of cartridge filtration. Rawson/Industrial Controls furnishes cartridges for a variety of applications, including chemical, paint, ultra-pure water, RO prefilters, beverage, and many more.


3M Purification Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets filtration products for the separation, clarification, and purification of fluids and gases. The company offers industrial filtration solutions, residential and foodservice water filtration products, custom solutions for cleaner air and water, and life sciences process technologies for small-molecule-pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturers. 

  • High-Flow Filter Systems
  • Micro Klean RT Filters
  • DF Series Filter Systems
Global Filter

Global Filter LLC manufactures and sells pleated filter cartridges. It offers pleated membrane, pleated depth, melt-blown, bicomponent filter, high-flow, resin-bonded, and wound-depth cartridges; cartridge, band-clamp, and bag liquid vessels; and reverse-osmosis membrane and liquid filter bags. It offers liquid filtration solutions for various industries, such as food & beverage, pharmaceutical, enzyme, electronics, water service, reverse-osmosis prefilters, chemical, petrochemical, refining, ink/paint, and cosmetics worldwide. Global Filter LLC was founded in 1999 and is based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

  • Food & Beverage
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Microelectronics
  • Industrial

Founded in 1973, Shelco offers one of the most extensive lines of filters and cartridges distributed and sold throughout the world.  The company’s product lines are made in the United States and meet the needs of countless industrial and high-purity applications.  This includes water and other in-plant liquids, gases, foods, beverages, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, photographic solutions, fuels, lubricants, paints and coatings, plating solutions, and more.  In addition to its new USF and USB housings, Shelco offers a complete line of industrial cartridge and bag housings, along with a complete line of disposable cartridges and bags.

  • Shelco Filters’ MicroVantage™
  • Shelco Filters
Rosedale Products

Rosedale Products, Inc. develops and manufactures liquid filtration systems and waste minimization products. It offers basic products of filtration, baskets, filter cartridges, bag-sized cartridges, depth filtration bags, single-layer bags, filtration systems, application-specific products, cartridge housings, multibag housings, single-bag housings, basket strainers, and replacement parts. The company sells its products online and through a sales and distribution network to customers worldwide. Rosedale Products, Inc. was founded in 1972 and is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with locations in Houston, Texas; Irvine, California; and Beijing, China.

  • Stainless Steel Filters
  • Wound Filters
JNC Filter

JNC FILTER CO., LTD. is engaged in designing, manufacturing, processing, and selling filter products. It offers self-bonding binder-free cartridge filters, high-temperature model filters, cartridge filters, depth filters, pleated filters, hydrophilic pleated filters, and hydrophilic asymmetric pleated filters. The company also provides PP pleated filters, wound filters, mini-filters, activated carbon-type stem cartridges, liquid control bag filters, and plastic and metal housings. Its products are made of polyolefin and polyester materials. The company serves general, chemical, food & beverage, and electronics industries. JNC FILTER CO., LTD. was formerly known as Chisso Filter Co., Ltd. and changed its name to JNC FILTER CO., LTD. in September 2011. 

  • JNC General Brochure
  • Cleal BM Filter
  • Cleal CP Filter
  • Cleal CP2 Filter
  • Cleal CPH Filter
  • Quick-Pack Filter Systems