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Industrial Computing & Displays

Working across the industrial internet relies on constant performance while running machines in high temperatures and extreme applications. We offer IPCs and displays that combine high processing power with industrial-strength capabilities and a modular design for minimal downtime. Designed for durability, dual or quad-core processor technology, fan-less design, and shock-resistant components maximize product lifecycle.


Running equipment in extreme conditions at full throttle while minimizing downtime is now a reality.  Emerson’s family of RXi IPCs combines high processing power with the durability to match.  The RXi Series of industrial monitors offers new levels of flexibility, expansion, and spare parts standardization to fit any budget.

  • RXi2-EP Industrial PC
  • RXi2-XP Industrial PC
  • RXi2-UP Industrial PC
  • RXi-Panel PC
  • RXi-Industrial Monitor
Stratus Technologies

Stratus Technologies delivers zero-+touch computing solutions by providing an infrastructure that is simple and easy to deploy, protected from threats and interruptions, and designed to operate autonomously.

  • ztC™ Edge
  • ftServer