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This website uses cookies. The websites of Rawson & Industrial Controls Distributors use cookies and similar techniques to make the websites and webshops more user-friendly, to analyse site usage, for recruitment purposes, and to offer (personalised) advertisements. Via the settings you can choose between; necessary cookies, cookies to save your preferences, statistics cookies, recruitment and marketing cookies. Rawson & Industrial Controls Distributors uses and shares personal data with Third Parties. By clicking the OK button you agree to the use of all cookies and you consent to the associated processing of your personal data. For more information, see our Cookie Statement & Privacy Statement.

Cookies and other similar techniques are used on the Rawson & Industrial Controls Distributors websites. Cookies are small text files that can be used by website holders or third parties to make user experiences more efficient or to communicate with website visitors. By ‘similar techniques’ we mean techniques such as scripts, tags, and pixels. These techniques can be used just like cookies to measure and analyse website usage. In this Cookie Statement, the term ‘cookies’ is also understood to mean similar techniques.

The websites to which this Cookie Statement applies are indicated below under the heading “Rawson & Industrial Controls Distributors Domains”.  

Personal Data

While placing and reading cookies, your personal data will be processed. See our Privacy Statement for an extensive overview of the way in which we handle your personal data.  

Necessary cookies

Rawson & Industrial Controls Distributors uses necessary cookies for functional purposes and to offer correctly functioning websites and webshops. For example, these cookies are used to remember the shopping cart content and the cookie consent choice of website visitors. The functional nature of these cookies allows for use without consent.  

Preference cookies

Rawson & Industrial Controls Distributors uses preference cookies to further enhance the user friendliness of the websites and webshops. For example, these cookies remember your language choices, currency preferences, and cookie consent choice across the Rawson & Industrial Controls Distributors websites and webshops.  

Statistics cookies

Rawson & Industrial Controls Distributors uses statistics cookies for two purposes: analytics and A/B testing.

Analytics cookies are used to measure website usage and enable analyses of website performance. Rawson & Industrial Controls Distributors is constantly improving its websites and webshops and uses these analyses to discover improvement opportunities.

A/B testing cookies are used to test new functionalities and designs. During an A/B test a visitor will see either version A or B of the website, and website usage is measured to analyse which version is best.

Personal data, such as a cookie ID and website usage, is processed for both purposes, but its impact on privacy is minimised by aggregating data and enabling privacy protection features, such as IP anonymisation.  

Marketing and recruitment cookies

Rawson & Industrial Controls Distributors uses marketing and recruitment cookies to improve, personalise, and analyse marketing and recruitment activities. These cookies enable Rawson & Industrial Controls Distributors to show relevant offers on Rawson & Industrial Controls Distributors domains, and third party domains. These tracking cookies measure visitors across websites and allow advertising services to deliver personalised advertisements.

The purpose of the recruitment cookies is to show advertisements on Facebook and Google in the context of recruitment (such as advertisements with vacancies) to individuals who have previously visited our recruitment website.

This personal data, such as a cookie ID and cross-website usage, is processed for the purposes of marketing and recruitment.  

Use of Third Parties

The cookies and personal data described above are processed by us and by third parties. An overview of those parties can be found in the cookie overview. For a detailed explanation of the way in which these parties handle your personal data, we refer to their privacy statements. In addition, the personal data are also used by our service providers, such as IT suppliers and marketing parties.