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Niagara 4 Technical Certification Program

About the Course

Taught by Vernon Petersen of MOV Training Services, this 5-day in-depth level 1 class on the Niagara 4 platform ends with a certification test on the final day. Successful completion of the course results in a Niagara 4 Certification issued by Tridium. This course teaches students to design, engineer, and program projects using the Niagara 4 Framework.

The online training is nearly identical to the traditional in-person class. The same presentations, exercises, and guidebooks will be used, and a PDF version of the book will be provided to students. You will have opportunities to ask questions verbally, as well as message the instructor using the chat feature. Students may begin the test as early as Thursday evening and have until the end of the day on Friday to complete the test. During the test, students can call the instructor on the phone if they require one-on-one communication.

What You Will Learn

• Niagara framework structure and network architecture

• Understanding licensing

• Platform tools

• Custom control logic programming

• Px views (graphics)

• Meta data tagging

• BQL & NEQL search engines

• Commissioning a JACE

• BACnet & LON integration

• Using the batch editor

• Personal palettes and modifying the “new” menu

• Working with histories & alarms

• Controlling user access to a station

• Niagara network configuration

• Dashboard Px view & creating a home page

• Certification test on day 5


Introduction to Niagara 4

Registration Details & Cost