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Pneumatic thermostats and humidistats are used to control pneumatic valves and dampers in an HVAC system. Wall-mount, duct-mount and remote-bulb configurations are available. Models are available for single setpoint, day/night, and summer/winter operation.

Controllers and Sensors

Pneumatic controllers used with a remote bulb or sensor provide proportional or proportional plus integral control of pneumatic valve or damper actuators. Remote sensor models can be used to control temperature, humidity, or pressure. Two sensor models are available for reset applications. Sensor models are available for sensing temperature or humidity. Temperature sensors are available as wall-mount, duct-mount or well-mount.

Relays and Switches

Pneumatic relays are used in a wide range of control sequences in a pneumatic system. Electric-pneumatic relays can be used to operate a pneumatic valve or damper actuator with an electronic thermostat or controller. Pneumatic switches provide various control options. Pneumatic-electric switches convert a controller’s pneumatic signal to electrical switching, providing start and stop control.

Valves and Actuators

Pneumatic zone valves are used for controlling water and steam in multiple settings. They are available with various fitting types, body configurations, and in sizes from 1/2 to 1-1/4 inches. Pneumatic actuators provide proportional control of valves and dampers in HVAC systems. They come in various positioner and spring ranges for independent operation or sequencing operation with other actuators. Several force options are available to fit a wide range of valve and damper sizes.


We offer pneumatic accessories, including gauges, pressure regulators, tubing, and fittings.