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ABB FTNIR Products

ABB manufactures the largest portfolio in the world of laboratory, at-line, and process FT-IR / FT-NIR analyzers. 

Founded in 1973, ABB Analytical Measurements (formerly Bomem Inc.) designs, manufactures, and markets high-performance, affordable FT-IR / FT-NIR spectrometers and turnkey analytical solutions for the petroleum, chemical, life sciences, semiconductor, academic, metallurgy, and OEM industries, as well as spectroradiometers for the remote sensing/aerospace market.

ABB Multiwave Photometers

The ABB PUV3402 (UV) and PIR3502 (IR) Multiwave process photometers provide continuous measurements of vapor or liquid samples in simple or complex process streams for process control, product quality assurance, safety, catalyst protection, and area monitoring.

The filter wheel of the photometer utilizes up to eight wavelengths, increasing the number of measurement solutions. Because it uses multiple wavelengths, the photometer can compensate for many types of interference and handle multiple component applications.