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Future Design Controls

High Performance Temperature & Process Controllers

The C-Series is available in 1/32 DIN C22, 1/16 DIN C62, 1/8 DIN C82/83, 1/4 DIN C42, and R22 DIN Rail Mount. The 1/8 DIN is available as vertical and horizontal, while the R22 is a DIN rail-mount control perfect for high-density single-loop control requirements.

DC-L41 Limit Control

The FDC-L41 1/4 DIN limit control provides up to three discreet setpoints, two control outputs, communication options, fast scan rates and user-friendly prompts making it the right choice for safety protection. The L41 offers remote reset as standard and offers a full range of universal high-resolution (18 bit) inputs; T/C, RTD and linear mA/VDC inputs. Power requirement of either 90-250 VAC or optional 11-26 VAC/VDC allows the L41 to be used virtually anywhere.

MCT4 - 1/4 DIN Controller

The MCT4 system combines multiple control and monitor components in a single device. The 4.3” color touch screen allows users to select PC-type menu or smart device slide-nav icon navigation to match familiar personal preferences for operation. Secure email (SSL/TLS), SMS (text messaging), FTP, FileWeb and DataWeb/Cloud protocols allow the MCT4 to interface and backup data to LAN/WAN/cloud based systems and data bases, eliminating the need for additional data acquisition equipment.