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Standalone Room Thermostats

Special emphasis is placed on fast installation, intuitive operation, and accurate control. The stand-alone room thermostats cover all room HVAC applications: heating and/or cooling, fan coils, and variable air volume. Siemens’ patented control technology ensures constant room temperatures with configurable schedules that enable users to heat or cool rooms only when needed. With room thermostats from Siemens, you can cover a wide variety of applications.

Line Voltage Mechanical Thermostats

The Siemens versatile portfolio of thermostats also offers capillary and clamp-on thermostats for temperature, frost protection units, and room temperature. The range includes products for immersion-mounting and wall-mounting.

Communicating Thermostats

The RDY2000BN is a BACnet MSTP-enabled, highly flexible and versatile device supporting multi-stage conventional, RTU, and heat pump applications. Multiple, configurable inputs and outputs support flexible sensing schemes and types of sensors like CO2, occupancy, and output relays for economizer and humidity control. Built-in IAQ applications and humidity control ensure occupant comfort with simple configurations. Simple and intuitive Wizard Navigator makes start-up configuration a snap.

Smart Thermostats

Siemens original Smart Thermostat was developed to provide professional control and operation of heating and cooling applications. Its clean design fits every interior. It is always in touch with its surroundings, thanks to the six powerful and accurate sensors: temperature, humidity, light, proximity, presence, and organic particle detection. Because all the sensors are integral to the Smart Thermostat, there is no additional wiring or programming. These sensors allow the Smart Thermostat to be fully autonomous.