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Honeywell Building Technologies

Control Ball Valves

Honeywell’s characterized control-ball valves feature a parabolic flow insert that’s integral to the ball. Its unique construction enables a smoother flow curve and greater degree of rotation responsiveness. The result is more accurate flow rate with less wear and tear. VBN/VBF control ball valves control hot and chilled water in HVAC systems to provide two-position, floating, or modulating functions. Order them with or without factory-mounted nonspring-return or spring-return direct-coupled actuators.  Honeywell control ball valves use the same actuator mounting bracket for all 1⁄2″ – 3″ valves, whether spring or nonspring-return actuators. 

Butterfly Valves

Honeywell butterfly valves offer two-position and modulating control for HVAC Systems. Applications include chilled water, hot water, cooling tower water, and thermal storage systems. Pipe sizes from 2- to 24-in. for both two-way and three-way applications. The VH2 High- Performance two-way butterfly valves are also good for steam up to 50 psi.  

Globe Valves

Honeywell globe valves offer the best in class size, Cv range, and close-off pressure and provide precise control in HVAC applications. The V5011 and V5013 threaded-valve families have ANSI 150 body class rating with 50:1 rangeability in equal percentage or linear flow characteristic. These valves are available with brass or stainless-steel trim. VGF flanged globe valve families have ANSI 125 and ANSI 250 designs. Accurate positioning with equal percentage and linear flow characteristics ensure state-of-the-art temperature control. Actuators are available for a range of control types. 

Cartridge Globe Valves

Cartridge globe valves are small and easy to install where space is limited.  Honeywell’s compact size and replacement capabilities make it the perfect valve to control hot and/or chilled water for VAV terminal units, fan coil units, small reheaters, and recoolers in electric/electronic temperature control systems. 

Pressure Independent Control Valves

Pressure independent flow control valves include the VRN threaded and VRW flanged valve families. These valves maintain flow under varying differential pressures and increase coil differential temperature, which improves HVAC system efficiency. An integrated pressure-control cartridge combines circuit balancing and control functions in one package, resulting in consistent temperature and comfort. The field serviceable stem and pressure-regulating cartridge allow for easy service.  Control chilled or hot water systems with up to 50% glycol. 


Honeywell offers a complete line of spring-return and nonspring-return, foot-mounted actuators for service and retrofit applications to provide two-position, SPDT floating, or modulating control of globe valves and HVAC dampers. Direct-coupled actuators are easy to install with a self-centering shaft adapter that provides mounting flexibility and a greater clamping force. Spring return and nonspring-return direct coupled actuators are used in HVAC systems to drive a variety of quarter-turn, final-control elements.  The easy-to-install universal replacement fire and smoke actuator delivers fast-acting damper close off with flexible mounting options.