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Schneider Electric

Ball Valves

Schneider Electric’s VBB/VBS ball valves deliver high-performance reliability, closing securely even after long periods when not in use. Their design is a good fit for shutoff applications that need an expanded Cv range, higher close-off, and accurate sizing. Engineered as a complete ball valve assembly, the VBB/VBS series of valves and SmartX actuators are designed to be interchangeable and easily configured in the field. This powerful duo delivers the best of both worlds: a unique, low-force valve design and a compact actuator that together create a solution that truly speaks to customer needs. Typical applications include reheat on VAV boxes, fan coil units, hot and chilled water coils, air handling, and unit ventilators.

Globe Valves

Schneider Electric’s comprehensive range of globe valves allows water or steam to flow through the system as it opens or closes, while the precision-contoured mating seat modulates flow to an ideal flow curve. Instead of pushing against the water, the balanced plug slices through it, greatly reducing the force required and achieving higher close-off pressures. Typical applications include reheat on VAV boxes, fan coil units, hot and chilled water coils, unit ventilators, central systems, and steam.

Butterfly Valves

Schneider Electric’s wide range of butterfly valve assemblies offers industry-leading functionality that provides bubble-tight shut off, minimum torque, and longer seat life. The resilient seat design eliminates the need for flange gaskets, which simplifies maintenance and ultimately adds years of optimum performance. Schneider Electric butterfly valves can all be driven by on/off, floating, or proportional control signals. Spring return, main voltage, and pneumatic actuators are all available depending on the region, as are assemblies and three-way models. Typical applications include cooling towers, central system shutoff and bypass piping control, thermal storage, and chiller and boiler control.


Schneider Electric’s comprehensive range of pressure-independent balancing and control valves (PIBCVs) delivers an optimal solution for hydronic balancing in a wide range of HVAC applications.  Combining a control and balancing valve in one, Schneider Electric’s PIBCV technology regulates volumetric flow regardless of pressure fluctuations in the hydronic system. Precisely controlling flow reduces hunting, provides stable room temperature, and extends actuator life. 

Typical applications include temperature control of chillers, air handling units, heat exchangers, and terminal units, such as fan coils, induction units, and radiant panels. 

Zone Valves

Schneider Electric’s Erie range of motorized hydronic valves can start, stop, or divert flow to provide individual room or area comfort control and energy savings. With proven performance and rugged dependability, these valves are easy to install and deliver leak-proof operation and positive shut-off. The zone valve range offers over 190 unique valve bodies and 275 unique actuators with two-way and three-way options to provide unlimited combinations, as well as the ability to easily remove the actuator in a matter of seconds for maintenance or adjustments. Typical applications include fan coil fluid flow, VAV reheat, ventilators, and radiant applications.


Schneider Electric’s comprehensive portfolio of damper actuators delivers on customer requirements including ease of installation, high performance, durability, precision, and energy efficiency. SmartX damper actuators give customers maximum efficiency AND high performance across a wide variety of HVAC applications. They deliver on performance with consistent, comfortable indoor climate maintenance ensuring occupant comfort and enhanced productivity.