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Johnson Controls

VFD FP Series II

The Johnson Controls VSD FP Series II provides the advanced technology and features of the Johnson Controls VSD Series II with a disconnect or bypass in a factory-mount option. Either option is available in NEMA 1 galvanized steel or NEMA 3R painted product. The FP Series II IntelliDisconnect comes with an enclosed disconnect (fused or non-fused) and door-mounted operator. The FP Series II IntelliPass offers a fused or non-fused disconnect switch, a two-contactor bypass design, and door mounted controls. As industry leaders, we know our VSD FP Series II variable speed drives feature the most efficient variable air volume technology – helping you cut energy costs by up to 60 percent. Control is the most cost-effective approach to HVAC air handling design, and our adjustable speed drives allow for energy-efficient operation during off-peak periods, which can account for 98 percent of your total operating hours.

Series II Micro Drives

Johnson Controls VSD Series II micro drives represent the next generation of solutions to solve your unique HVAC control needs. With a compact design, impressive torque response, and easy setup, our Series II micro drives offer increased efficiency and long-lasting product life. Our micro drives are microprocessor-based drives that provide quiet operation, high motor efficiency, and smooth, low-speed performance in any HVAC application. Choose from single- and three-phase input devices ranging from 1/4 – 7.5 hp at 115V – 575V.These microprocessor-based drives have standard features that can be programmed to tailor the drive’s performance to suit a wide variety of application requirements. 

Enclosed Variable Speed Drives VS3 Series III

Johnson Controls Series III variable speed drives (VSDs) control the speed of AC induction motors used in fan and pump applications. VS3 Series III enclosed drives are more prepared than ever to meet field specifications. Standard iterations feature 100K short circuit current rating (SCCR) for standard panels, 2-contactor bypass, 2-contactor bypass with service switch, 3-contactor bypass with manual switch, and pilot lights. Compact disconnect drives add circuit protection to an open drive.  All bypass drives include a disconnect switch. Disconnect drives are the same form factor as a bypass drive and include a pilot light to indicate operation status. Disconnect drives are popular in pumping applications. Bypass and disconnect drives are available in NEMA 1, NEMA 12, and NEMA 3R enclosures. 

Open Variable Speed Drives VS3 Series 3

Johnson Controls Series III variable speed drives (VSDs) control the speed of AC induction motors used in fan and pump applications.  Johnson Controls has engineered their VSD Series III open drives to deliver outstanding HVAC control solutions at an exceptional value. Our patented Active Energy Control software extends beyond the drive to maximize motor efficiency at any speed. These are more than just drives – the Series III open drives feature an ultra-efficient DC capacitor and a power structure that allows the drives to consume less energy, lowering greenhouse gases and saving you money. Both NEMA Type 1 and NEMA Type 12 are available.