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Ball Valves

Siemens ball valves are designed with an internal ball that has flow paths through it and rotates 90 degrees between PTFE seals to open and close to control flow. They are best suited for equal-percentage control. For use in fully open/closed or modulating applications.

  • 2-way and 3-way ball valves are available in ½- to 2-inch sizes with Cv ranging from 0.4 to 160.
  • 6-way ball valves are available in ½- to 1-inch sizes with Cv ranging from 0.3 to 4.7.

Advantages: Relatively low cost; high flow capacity; tight sealing with low torque; high close-off pressure
Disadvantages: Inherent dead bands

Butterfly Valves

Siemens resilient seat butterfly valves are suitable for standard-temperature or high-temperature applications. Designed to last longer with minimal downtime, Siemens resilient seat butterfly valves are available in sizes from 2 to 24 inches (DN 50 to 600) built with the highest temperature and chemical resistance available on the market. Suited for linear or equal-percentage control. For use in fully open/closed, throttling, or small pressure-drop applications.

  • Two-way and three-way configurations, 2” through 20” butterfly valves are lug style. 24” valves are double-flanged.

Advantages: Relatively low cost; high flow capacity; low pressure drop
Disadvantages: High torque requirements for control; low flow cavitation risk

Globe Valves

Designed with a stem and plug that travel linearly in and out of a seat to control flow and provide close-off. Plugs provide either an equal percentage or linear flow characteristic. Recommended use for precise flow regulation, frequent and wide throttling, and high pressure-drop applications.

Advantages: Suited for water and steam; efficient and precise throttling; highly accurate flow control

Disadvantages: Relatively low flow coefficients; relatively higher costs than other valves

Magnetic Valves

Extremely fast and very precise control for water, steam, and refrigerants. Magnetic valves use magnetic actuation to enhance response time and provide stability. Two-way and three-way mixing valves range from ½- to 4-inch with Cv from 0.6 to 58. They have modulating control for hot or chilled water, and steam with media temperature ranging from 34 ̊ F to 356 ̊ F.

  • User-selectable linear or equal-percentage flow characteristic
  • DIP switch selectable input signal 0 to 10V or 4 to 20mA
  • Fast positioning
  • Reduction in the level

Precise control from extremely high stroke resolution.

Pressure -Independent Control Valves

Pressure-independent control valves (PICVs) improve system performance and optimize delta-T. Siemens PICVs integrate three functions into a single device. Siemens PICVs have the unique advantage of always maintaining their full stroke, regardless of the maximum adjustable flow setting, to provide better control. On-site commissioning is simple thanks to the easy max flow presetting and automatic balancing. With Siemens PICVs, there are fewer components, less installation effort, and fewer leak points–which leads to no callbacks.

Two-way threaded valves ranging from ½- to 2-inches with maximum flow settings from 0.3 to 50 gpm.

Flanged valves with line sizes from 2½- to 6 inches with maximum flow settings from 19 to 860 gpm.

Zone Valves

Siemens zone valves have a stroke valve design for on/off or basic modulating control to ensure HVAC hydronic systems deliver reliable comfort. They feature direct-coupled technology for quick connection of the valve body and actuator without tools. Ranging from ½- to 1-inch, the zone valves provide excellent control of fan coils, unit ventilators, and other applications where on/off, floating, or proportional control is required.

Compact size with rotatable actuator

All actuators are interchangeable with all valve bodies.

Metal-to-metal plug and seat eliminates traditional rubber flappers that can harden and chip over time, causing leak paths and debris in the system.

Damper Actuators

Siemens OpenAir electronic damper actuators are designed for reliable operation, quick installation, and low power consumption. Accurate positioning and a wide selection of torque and control signal ranges make this actuator line ideal for a variety of HVAC applications.

Spring return actuators from 20 lb.-in. to 160 lb.-in., ideal for economizer damper, roof-top unit, and air-handling unit control.

Non-spring return actuators for optimum VAV box control and greater energy efficiency.

Fail-safe and fail-in-place damper actuators for critical control environments, such as lab and fume hood conditions.

Fire and Smoke damper actuators provide 15-second open/closed operation and 30-second motor drive operation.